Dj Lindo


Dj Lindo (Albert Fiorentu) was born in Udine, Italy on 09.20.89. At the age of 8 he starts dancing in a local school for fun. day after day, year after year the salsa and Bachata become for him a drug, a real passion, a reason for living. in 2008 he reached his first goal by graduating as a dance teacher in the Caribbean discipline. in 2014 after other years of study he joined as a teacher in the dance school (Conny & Dado) in Graz, Austria. In the same year he approaches the world of DJs and music production, his first single comes out in 2016 and is called “Radio Caribe”. later two other songs will be released: “La Casa Roja” and “El Fantasma”. In 2019 he signed a contract as an artist (DJ Producer) with the record and publishing company “Alosibla Music Group-DownBridge Publishing”. The songs featured with Alosibla are: El Fantasma, No Te Detengas, and the brand new A Gozar El Ritmo. many other songs are ready and with the participation of various artists. In the summer of 2020 he obtained a second diploma as a dance teacher.


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