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G-Jay DJ is a DJ and a Bachata Remixer from Rome, Italy. He started DJing in 2015 in Australia as main DJ in Latin parties organized by the most popular dance school in Brisbane.

Then he moved back to Italy in 2016 where he started playing salsa and bachata in Rome. He soon became DJ resident in several clubs focusing his performances mostly on Bachata.

As a Bachata DJ he became the main DJ of one of the most important club in Rome, Barrio Latino, where he plays his music in one of the most popular Bachata party of the city, La Nueva Onda.

For fun, he started producing the first remixes in 2018 and soon this became a strong passion that pushed him to put a huge effort at improving his works. He decided to study with one of the best Bachata Remixer in the world, DJ Tronky, and soon his works have been appreciated by many artists worldwide. Daniel and Desirée, Carlos Espinosa and Maria Angeles, Silvia and Andrea, Alfredo and Andrea, Carlos and Chloe, Dario and Sara, Abdel and Lety, Edu and Virginia, Kiko and Christina and many more, danced on his songs. Among the others, the most popular remixes are “Ya No Quiero Na”, “Hawaii”, “Whitout You I’m not Myself”, “Un Domani”, “Better x Let Me Love You”, “Lips on You”. Hawaii, in collaboration with Tito Ortega and Christian Osorno, hits almost half million views on YouTube.


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